Party With Me Tomorrow!

We're going to party like it's 1999- NO, no let's not. Let's party like it's 2021! If we were going to do this 1999 style then I would have to clean my house, make snacks, set up all my items in a perfect display, have hand outs and games ready to go and find a sitter for my kids and dog. No, let's do this 2021 style..... on line! In your jammies, with the dog barking and dinner simmering.

Join me in my private facebook group RIGHT HERE (click those words) for a week long party! We will still have prizes and fun and games, but a lot more informal pace. And I won't have to vacuum when we're done.

WHEN: September 9th - 15th

HOW: join the group, see the posts, learn the things

WHAT: All things Tula Xii. Don't know what that it? Come see.

Come in with excitement, leave with a plan!

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