Band Requirements

If your child plays a brass or woodwind instrument chances are there's been a few changes in how they play this year, from cancelled performances, to distancing, to only getting to play out doors. And then there are the new required accoutrements.... while I have NOT tackled the woodwinds, I think I've got the brass section covered. First, the mask; this has a horizontal opening that when you stretch your mouth open, the slit allows for the mouth piece to be inserted and played! I have one size that fits MOST people and can add a logo or customization to this as well.

Then, we need to cover the bell. While these look like the cutest little shower caps for cats, (you've gotta check out my Instagram page for a photo!!!!) they are not! The two patterns I have now fit either trumpet or trombone and I can make whatever size you need if you or your child plays a different horn. I can also customize them with a logo or name as well. YOU pick the fabric, but most bands require black or school colors.

Also, I can include an absorbent pad for spit (placed on the floor) if you'd like. It's really high tech- it's a wee-wee pad! But I have a case if you need one. Message me today if you need anything for the band room!

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