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I am working with a local group to provide masks to local hospitals and other essential front line workers. If you have fabric or supplies you'd like to donate your items will go to these masks!!!! Contact me for more info. 

I take pride in all the work I do, whether it's "just a donation" or a high end custom order with bling! All my face covers are carefully top stitched for a clean finished look and only 100% tight weave cotton exterior. I have secured very soft elastic for the ear loops- if you choose that- and I LOVE the secure fit of the single loop tie. I appreciate you stopping by and looking and thank you in advance for your order. 

How to Order....       

All masks are just $15.

(Children, Seniors and bulk orders get you a discount!!!!) 

Once you have selected all your options 

1. Pick a fabric from the choices below. (new designs are added all the time          and deleted once the fabric is gone. First come first served!) I use all 100%        cotton, two layers and in most cases add in a layer of non-woven filter. The        options are yours. CHAT WITH ME for more details or requests.

2. Pick your design:

  A. Formed/Fitted

       1. Built in filter

       2. Filter pocket

       3. Just layered fabric  

  B. Pleated


3. Pick your straps:   

  A. Elastic

       1. Super soft elastic

       2. Standard 1/4" elastic

       3. Glitter elastic

  B. Ties   

  C. Single Loop Tie (see video)

4. Nose wire or not? 

     This can be sewn in

     or removable (on some 


5. Pick your SIZE:

  A. XLarge- Mens

  B. Large- Woman/Teen

  C. Medium- Small Lady or 

      Kid @ 7-12 yrs

  D. Small- child @ 3-6 yrs

(do NOT use on infants and please monitor small

 children at all times)

Examples of designs

More style photos coming soon! Don't see what you want- ASK! 

lilly pulitzer

Back in stock... see below

I accept Venmo, Cash App, Paypal, Cash (if pick up/delivery)

All prices include shipping!


Click on an image for larger photo and more info....


................$20 per mask! 


- Wash before use, preferably in a washing machine using the gentle cycle on hot.
- Use wash bags for the mask if possible so that the metal strip does not damage the fabric and get lost.
- Adjust the knots/ties to fit for your comfort.
- After washing, reform with your hands and lay out to dry.


We recommend to purchase 2 masks per person so that one will always be ready to wear and the other can be in the wash.

Please do not share masks with anyone else.

By purchasing, you’re acknowledging that these mask are NOT medical grade. They may or may not offer protection against viruses or airborne illnesses.
They are not designed or intended to mitigate, prevent, treat, diagnose or cure any disease or health condition. Not a PPE item. Not approved by FDA & MHRA.

The Olson style (the fitted mask)  is a more stylish yet equally effective mask design. The other popular design you may see is the pleated surgical mask style. I have one other option and that is a full face mask, that cinches on the side and has a built in filter pocket that you can insert a disposable mask or a filter of your choice. 

The CDC has recently recommended that EVERYONE wear a fabric mask when out in public in high contact areas, like grocery stores or pharmacy, basically anywhere you may come within 6' of another person.

**DISCLAIMER** PLEASE NOTE that cloth face masks are not a proper substitute for N95 masks. Healthcare staff working in out-patient, ICU or operation rooms must still use N95 masks because they have close contact with a patient’s fluids.

These masks are ideal for personal use, use by non-medical personnel in high-contact jobs such as grocery store clerk, package/food delivery, etc. It is not an N-95 equivalent, but with the N-95 mask shortage, it is much better than nothing.

As always, wash your hands often with soap + water for at least 20 seconds, especially before applying or removing your mask, and practice social distancing.


Recent article from the CDC about wearing fabric masks:


Recent Forbes article about homemade masks.


Reference to a study by researchers at Cambridge University on the effectiveness of different materials for home made masks, taking into account availability and breathability. Includes charts showing % of effectiveness for different materials.


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